The Food Law Firm’s liquor license lawyers will ensure you are able to attain a liquor license in New York in an orderly, stress-free manner. We assist with your NY State Liquor Licensing Application including on-premise, off-premise, event permits, liquor license renewals, alteration/change applications, and general consult. Get into the spirit of things and make sure you have the proper representation.
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Legal Counsel for the Hospitality Industry

We offer legal counsel for the hospitality industry including bars, restaurants, hotels, chefs and more. We represent small businesses, food and beverage management groups, general managers, chefs, developers and all other members of the industry.

Browse our packages below to find what works best for you!


Access our industry expertise + connections

  • 2 hours phone/online business management consulting
  • No commitment


Fits the budget of any food business

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 2 hours legal work per month included
  • 3 month commitment


For food businesses with routine legal matters

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 4 hours legal work per month included
  • 3 month commitment


For food businesses with acute needs

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 6 hours legal work per month included
  • 2 month commitment

Subscription-Based Hospitality Industry Law Services

Our experienced hospitality industry lawyers will help you get a NY liquor license and assist in other facets of your business. 

Our subscription-based model of legal counsel has helped countless businesses remain compliant and grow to new heights. Here are just a few reasons why our clients love us:

  • No fee for calls or emails that last fewer than 15 minutes
  • Direct access to our seasoned attorneys anytime you need it
  • Intuitive software platform that makes receiving counsel as easy as the touch of a button
  • As our valued partner, we go above and beyond for you

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Our subscription service

Clients realize the greatest value out of our services when they stack them together comprehensively. Our subscription-based service plans enable our clients to weave our services into the fabric of their businesses at affordable and predictable rates.

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