The Food Law Firm’s cannabidiol (CBD) business lawyers will keep your CBD & hemp products in compliance through custom-tailored legal services. This landscape is ever-evolving, so it’s high time you’ve had CBD legal experts on your side.

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Legal Counsel for Budding CBD Businesses

The Food Law Firm’s innovative subscription plans are custom tailored to your CBD business and provide a holistic approach to all legal counsel needs. Whether you need marketing and labeling, confidentiality agreements, co-packing agreements, or any other CBD business counseling, our seasoned experts can help.

Browse our packages below to find what works best for you!


Access our industry expertise + connections

  • 2 hours phone/online business management consulting
  • No commitment


Fits the budget of any food business

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 2 hours legal work per month included
  • 3 month commitment


For food businesses with routine legal matters

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 4 hours legal work per month included
  • 3 month commitment


For food businesses with acute needs

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 6 hours legal work per month included
  • 2 month commitment

Flexible, Subscription-Based CBD Business Counsel 

The Food Law Firm works extensively with cannabidiol (CBD) products, treating them like any other food or supplement product. Our seasoned CBD business lawyers  know that this area of law seems to change day-by-day, which is why we stay in-the-know on new developments and advise accordingly, providing peace of mind. 

Our subscription-based model of legal counsel has helped countless businesses remain compliant and grow to new heights. Here are just a few reasons why our clients love us:

  • No fee for calls or emails that last fewer than 15 minutes
  • Direct access to our seasoned attorneys anytime you need it
  • Intuitive software platform that makes receiving counsel as easy as the touch of a button
  • As our valued partner, we go above and beyond for you

Why You Need a CBD Business Lawyer

The industrial hemp industry is gaining legitimacy, but its progress is haphazard. FDA regulation, trademark law, and even Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade regulations have wildly uneven views on CBD as a product ingredient. If you want to get a CBD product to market, you have to be good at balancing regulations from different agencies that are incompatible. The Food Law Firm has provided comprehensive, nuanced guidance on:

  • The marketing and labeling of products containing CBD.
  • Production contracts with agricultural producers for raw CBD materials.
  • The co-pack manufacturing of consumables containing CBD.
  • Trademarking strategies for CBD products.

If you have a CDB product, your regulatory and commercial risks need to be comprehensively managed.

Our subscription service

Clients realize the greatest value out of our services when they stack them together comprehensively. Our subscription-based service plans enable our clients to weave our services into the fabric of their businesses at affordable and predictable rates.

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