The Food Law Firm has worked extensively with cannabidiol (CBD) products. We treat CBD products like any other food or supplement product, but he is always attuned to the limitations of this approach. This is a developing area of law that seems to change day-by-day. The industrial hemp industry is gaining legitimacy, but its progress is haphazard. FDA regulation, trademark law, and even Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade regulations have wildly uneven views on CBD as a product ingredient. If you want to get a CBD product to market, you have to be good at balancing regulations from different agencies that are incompatible. The Food Law Firm has provided comprehensive, nuanced guidance on:

  • The marketing and labeling of products containing CBD.
  • Production contracts with agricultural producers for raw CBD materials.
  • The co-pack manufacturing of consumables containing CBD.
  • Trademarking strategies for CBD products.

If you have a CDB product, your regulatory and commercial risks need to be comprehensively managed.

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