Foscolo & Diefenbach PLLC

I launched this firm in 2011 with the single goal of delivering general practice, commercial law services to food businesses. It was my vision to provide a comprehensive set of services that ensured coverage for businesses from every angle. Corporate Law, Trademark Law, Litigation, Public Defense, Food Safety, Employment Law, and Food and Farm Finance, covered all in one house.

Over the past seven years, I have honed our offerings down to a recipe for success with all the right players offering expert advice, an innovative billing system and top-notch customer service. Today, The Food Law Firm stands at the cutting edge as the only law firm that offers general practice, commercial legal services specifically tailored for food businesses. Mission accomplished.

My team is dedicated to all of the legal needs of Food and Beverage businesses.  The more your food law attorney is plugged into your org chart the better they can effect the direction of your success.

We have developed an acute awareness for how the constellation of food laws and regulations can affect the ordinary commercial transactions that fill the business day. We add value for our clients by mitigating risks, both regulatory and commercial, and this is what makes my firm distinctive.

From farmers to manufacturers, our clients are sharp and courageous. From shippers to importers, they are innovative and disruptive. It is a privilege to help them make their businesses better.

“No good business can truly thrive without good counsel, and Jason is always the first person that we consult. He’s has been more than a lawyer – he’s been a trusted business advisor.”

Taylor Cocalis, Founder Good Food Jobs