The legal services listed on these pages are the core products of this firm. While we happily offer stand-alone services, clients get the greatest value when these services are combined together, to be mutually reinforcing. This is the best way to meet the unique needs of our clients. As you browse each service, you can quickly link to related services for a better idea of just how seriously we interlace our basket of skills with your needs to create the resiliency your business deserves.

“We’ve been working with Jason from the time we started our LLC and he has helped us in so many ways. His advice and guidance always put me at ease and he is able to explain things clearly and simply so we can make decisions ourselves that are informed and practical for our business. He’s given us guidance on contracts during our construction phase, helped us navigate the tedious waters of applying for a liquor license (and renewing) and he’s just been a general source of support to my husband and I as we figure out being self-employed. But most of all it was Jason’s assistance with a very sensitive employee matter that really underscored how dedicated and caring he is towards his clients. He helped me even though he was out of town, responded quickly and thoroughly and was so detailed in his advice, that a situation, which started as very stressful and emotional, was able to be resolved quickly and without much difficulty. We’ve recommended him to other friends who own businesses in our area, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again and again.”

Sarah Jane Suarez, Owner Gaskins Restaurant