The Food Law Firm’s customized legal services can help you protect your business against risk and food product liability. To learn how our tailored services can help you identify risks and strengthen your protection, contact the food law firm today. 

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Food Product Liability Management Lawyers

Trust the Food Law Firm to address all of your legal and regulatory concerns. If your business needs help with food product liability, private labeling agreements, or any other legal stumbling blocks, our trusted attorneys are ready to help.

Whether you need regular help or occasional legal advice, our packages can be tailored to meet your food business’ needs.


Access our industry expertise + connections

  • 2 hours phone/online business management consulting
  • No commitment


Fits the budget of any food business

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 2 hours legal work per month included
  • 3 month commitment


For food businesses with routine legal matters

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 4 hours legal work per month included
  • 3 month commitment


For food businesses with acute needs

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited 15-minute calls
  • 6 hours legal work per month included
  • 2 month commitment

Subscription-Based Legal Counsel for Food Product Liability

Food product liabilities are the existential threat facing every food business. In nearly every state, food manufacturers are held completely liable for any injuries their food products cause, regardless of whether they were negligent, and stand to lose everything in civil suits.

Our attorneys are all experienced and familiar with the liabilities that food manufacturers face each day, and our subscription-based legal services gives your business access to experts who can mitigate your risk for liability and costly lawsuits.

Businesses love our subscription services because:

  • Calls and emails for legal tasks lasting fewer than 15 minutes are free for subscribers
  • Our software and administrative tools make doing business with us easy and frictionless.
  • We take a holistic view of your business and consider how each step you take can protect you or leave you at risk.

How Food Product Liability Lawyers Can Protect Your Business

Because of the risks faced through food product liabilities, the standard of care food manufacturers owe their customers a high standard of care. Our legal experts can help protect your customers and your business through a number of different techniques:

  • Contract Optimizations: Contracts are one of the best weapons in your risk mitigation arsenal. With the help of savvy legal counsel, your food business can reduce liability by (i) assigning duties and (ii) shifting responsibility up and down throughout your supply chain.
  • Food Safety Referrals: We may refer you to food safety specialists who can help you assess your processes and implement an internal ‘zero defect’ mentality.
  • Liability Insurance Policy Assessments: Robust commercial liability policies should be adequately scaled to your food business’ potential liabilities. By assessing your current policies, we can determine whether your business may need additional coverage.
  • Supplier Agreement Audits: Supplier agreements may outline requirements for how much coverage you need to carry. If your coverage isn’t aligned with the supplier agreements, you could find yourself exposed to additional risk in the event of a food product liability.

Our subscription service

Clients realize the greatest value out of our services when they stack them together comprehensively. Our subscription-based service plans enable our clients to weave our services into the fabric of their businesses at affordable and predictable rates.

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