“I heard about The Food Law firm through our general counsel when we were seeking expertise in compliance primarily with supplement products. I love the relationship we have with the firm. I’ve probably dealt with at least 10 law firms and Jason is by far the easiest to work with.  Jason is very patient and always willing to help and routinely uses terms that are easily understood by the team. He looks for solutions as well as providing advice I feel like I’m talking to a colleague and friend and not an authoritative figure to take orders from. I’m sure we have been unknowingly saved from multiple lawsuits. “

Tammy Vargas, Director of Operations Native Path

“Seafood ranks as one of the most heavily regulated sectors of business in the country, with ceaseless layers of legal complexities on the federal, state and local level. The Food Law firm has deftly navigated us from our startup phase as a Community Supported Fishery in the safe harbor of Montauk, New York, into an expansive international entity that is fundamentally changing the seafood industry of North and Central America. In the realm of food law, there is no better qualified, committed or passionate firm—with such a broad spectrum of experience and expertise—as Jason Foscolo and his team.”

Sean Tobias, Founder Dock To Dish

“I stumbled into Jason and his firm while looking for help with label laws requirements for new products we were launching. What we discovered was that Jason is a one stop shop for many of our other legal needs and questions. Jason has helped us with Supplier agreements, Co-packer agreements, trade mark law and generic questions that come up all the time in the normal course of business. What I really liked about Jason is that his subscription service allowed me to have the feeling of having big law firm representation, without the big law firm costs. I highly recommend Jason and the Food Law Firm. ”

Steve Kelley, CEO Barney & Co California LLC

“The Food Law Firm has made the whole process of “getting a lawyer” not only easy, but affordable. With the operating set up of The Food Law Firm, I can easily afford a lawyer with whom I have direct contact regularly and at will, in a way that will systematically attack all of my legal needs, without making me feel broke (or broken) in the process.”

Shauna Page, Owner Tortilleria Nixtamal

“Jason and the fine folks at the Food Law Firm can be a valuable resource for most start up, small or medium size businesses who have ongoing legal needs and questions but don’t have the the money for an bill by the hour large firm.   Jason’s pricing model makes it easy and affordable for a small business to have a trusted legal resource and advisor on your team so you can focus on the other areas of your business.    He’s down to earth and makes the complicated legal stuff a lot simpler to understand.”

William Mignucci, Jr. President Di Bruno Bros.

“Working with The Food Law Firm has been an important resource in helping me launch my new food company. To have access to a firm that specifically targets the legal side of food including advice on the entire supply chain has been invaluable in our growth. Jason makes any discussion more engaging and fun with his sharp wit and congenial manner. Using the subscription service is a positive change to the typical way most law firms operate. I specifically find my weekly reserved call a great help in structuring my week and keeping me moving our company forward.”

Michael Reiss, Owner Woodlands Maple Syrup

Jason is extremely easy to work with – very approachable, speaks in layman’s terms and gets back to you quickly. He doesn’t nickle-and-dime you for every moment of your conversation and is very upfront about his capabilities and where he can be helpful.

Jason Cohen, President Flower Pot Tea Company

“Jason Foscolo has been with me and my team since the day we opened our first business Montauk Juice Factory. One of the best parts about Jason is that he takes his time to be as accurate as he can! I for one never thought he would have a 100% TM rate with the USPTO for my start ups over the 4 years we have been building our brands. It’s been a long road and it keeps getting harder, tighter, faster and stronger. Luckily Jason has stuck with us through everything!”

Bret Caretsky, Co-Founder/CEO Montauk Juice Factory

“Jason’s session for Arcadia’s Veteran Farmers was info packed, easy to digest, and fun to listen to. He’s incredibly squared away, and was extremely accommodating to our schedule and easy to coordinate with. I highly recommend him.”

Pamela Hess, Executive Director Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture

“We’ve been working with Jason from the time we started our LLC and he has helped us in so many ways. His advice and guidance always put me at ease and he is able to explain things clearly and simply so we can make decisions ourselves that are informed and practical for our business. He’s given us guidance on contracts during our construction phase, helped us navigate the tedious waters of applying for a liquor license (and renewing) and he’s just been a general source of support to my husband and I as we figure out being self-employed. But most of all it was Jason’s assistance with a very sensitive employee matter that really underscored how dedicated and caring he is towards his clients. He helped me even though he was out of town, responded quickly and thoroughly and was so detailed in his advice, that a situation, which started as very stressful and emotional, was able to be resolved quickly and without much difficulty. We’ve recommended him to other friends who own businesses in our area, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again and again.”

Sarah Jane Suarez, Owner Gaskins Restaurant

“No good business can truly thrive without good counsel, and Jason is always the first person that we consult. He’s has been more than a lawyer – he’s been a trusted business advisor.”

Taylor Cocalis, Founder Good Food Jobs

“As an instructor, Jason is funny, engaging, and communicative. He makes the legalities of owning and operating a food business approach able and diligently answers every question. I look forward to another workshop from Jason!”

Mary Ann Johnson, Program Director Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation