Food is changing, so we changed with it.

Six years of practice in food law means that we’ve benefited from six years of daily exposure to a variety of innovators, experts, and disruptors. The amazing people that we interact with every day have given us an incredible opportunity for professional development and personal improvement. Their accumulated support and feedback has helped us shape our own law firm’s role in the changing food system. So to keep pace with our client base, we made major changes to the way we do business.

Services First

We want to broadcast a better explanation of how food law can help businesses in the food and farming industries. To get the conversation started, we completely changed the orientation of our website and put our Services Pages front and center. Clients can now get a better understanding of what we do and what sets us apart, how each of our services support one another, and how we integrate each service into the daily commerce of a food or farm business.

Food Law by Subscription

Working with an attorney is conventionally a transaction-based business. A fee is paid, an individual service is rendered. After six years of serving clients this way, transaction-based billing started to feel clunky and artificial to us. It is a sub-optimal way to integrate legal services into a food business, so we came up with something much, much better.

Rather than react to crisis, we help anticipate risk.

Our new subscription service allows our clients to add “legal” as a line item in their budgets. We can integrate our services into the fabric of their businesses. We can help our clients adopt a preventative mindset that identifies risks and help them allocate routine resources to addressing them.

Subscribers can elect one of our packages in blocks of 2, 4, and 8 – hour monthly increments. During a subscription period, subscribers enjoy unlimited phone calls and emails, so that they always feel comfortable involving us in the decisions that they make.

Clients inspired us to throw the clock out the window.

Clients need more interaction with us. On a regular basis. They need to develop collaborative relationships with their counsel and members of their team, and these outcomes are impossible when everybody is looking at the clock.

The Details

That’s the “big picture” change. On a granular level, all of our clients can now make their own appointments using the Calendly app on our website.

We’ve also automated our intake process and document management systems. We are now 100% paperless. All of our clients can now review the documents we draft for them on their mobile devices, signing our agreements with the tip of a finger. Payment is online. All data is sent securely to us, and is encrypted upon receipt. No more paper files, no more dead trees, and no more scanners.

All of these improvements – the subscription service, the site interface, and the user friendly client management –  will give our clients access to legal support that is easy, sensible, and impactful.

Expect to hear from us more regularly in the future. We are filling our calendar with workshops and webinars, planning some exciting stuff in the second half of this year, and we can’t wait to share it all with you.