You focus on making the food you love. We’ll focus on the risks.

Food laws are comprehensive and intrusive, but it is surprisingly easy to avoid dramatic and expensive legal interventions that can disrupt your business. We’ll help you plan for and allocate the appropriate resources to address your commercial needs.

The Food Law Firm is your dedicated partner for ensuring your food business’ success.

Legal counsel as good as in-house support at a fraction of the cost.

We consider ourselves to be part of your team and provide a personal, boutique service, with regular, consistent legal counsel. You won’t just receive proper documentation or compliance approval, our hands-on guidance on all of your important decision points is a phone call or email away.

Our subscription packages allow us to integrate our entire range of services into your business including unique integrated risk management strategies, co-packer agreements, private label agreements, supplier agreements, food labeling, trademarks, and general commercial law.