Each department in a food business needs an attorney that speaks specifically to the food industry. A “Food Lawyer” is a resource for all departments in a food business. The more your food law attorney is plugged into your organizational chart the better they can affect the direction of your success and spot risks as they come up. The Food Law Firm is one of the only if not the only law firm that offers general counsel legal services specifically tailored for a food business.

Why Food Specific Instead of General Practice?
The regulations surrounding food are so comprehensive that they are going to be merged into your regular business functions. A plain old general practice firm does not have the comprehensive insight that your entire business and brand deserve. Nor does an attorney or law firm with a single area practice. Having the experience and expertise we have honed over the past decade, allows us to see your entire business through a lens specifically meant for your industry. The benefit to you? Well rounded, comprehensive, hyper-specialized advice for every department at each level you scale.

How The Food Law Firm Helps
In essence, there are three categories of practice we manage within your business:

• Labeling
• Food Safety
• Imports
• Facility Registration

General Business
• Trademark
• Labor, HR, Employment
• Real Estate
• Corporate

• Contracts
• Confidentiality Agreements
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Co-Packer Agreements
• Private Label Agreements

Much More than Legal Practice
Not only does The Food Law Firm provide legal services, but also their years of experience and judgment serve as a connection, workflow facilitation, added value and point of contact between:

  • Opposing Counsel
  • Outside Vendors
  • Consultants
  • Marketing Services
  • Food Safety Specialists
  • Capital Investment

Applicable Examples of Our Services
Confidentially Agreements – Protect your propriety food product formula with your key employees.

Design/Labeling – The graphic design team you hire or that works in-house needs to know the limits placed on their marketing by food regulation (i.e. misbranding products or improper health claims).

Marketing/Co-Packing Agreements – Your co-packer needs to be aware of your marketing claims so that these duties can be executed on the production line.

Growth, Safety, and Efficiency
Your legal budget is best allocated across time, not towards individual crises. Rather than waiting until worst-case scenario, contact us now. The Food Law Firm specializes in maximizing your business’s growth, safety, and efficiency. Allow us to finally bring you that peace of mind by ensuring that your company produces foods well within the best legal and business procedures.