This article accidentally makes a spectacular argument in favor of local food. If you really want to get an insight into the grotesqueries of the conventional food system, read it very carefully or else you will miss it. A truck loaded with 21 tons of meat and scraps was stolen from an Iowa parking lot. Its contents were intended for a processing plant in Indiana, ostensibly to be turned into human food at some point. This quote just killed me:

“Marshalltown police said the driver of a semi parked the trailer in a lot on Saturday near the intersection of Highways 30 and 14. When he came back to pick up the trailer on Monday, it was gone.” (italics mine)

So much for bio-security. I’ve known for some time that industrial agriculture was not the best way for me to get my daily caloric intake. I had no idea, however, that it was customary for my food to sit for several days unattended in a parking lot off of the Iowa interstate.