Five New Experts for Complete Coverage

[REDHOOK, NEW YORK, June 1, 2018] The Food Law Firm is pleased to announce that they are adding five new professionals to their team, ensuring coverage for businesses from every angle, including: Corporate Law, Trademark Law, Litigation, Public Defense, Food Safety, Employment Law, and Food and Farm Finance. Your business’ full range of needs are covered all in one house. The Food Law Firm stands at the cutting edge as the only law firm that offers general practice, commercial legal services specifically tailored for food businesses.

Each department in a food business needs an attorney or specialist that speaks specifically to the food industry. The more your attorney is plugged into your org chart the better they can affect the direction of your success and spot risks as they come up.

The Food Law Firm believes that your legal budget is best used when allocated across time, not toward an individual crisis. Having your legal team watch over your food business with the proper food law lens, ensures that all departments are on the same page.  When your brand is moving forward with checks and balances in place, your risk is significantly lowered, your budget is protected and crisis is averted.

Our position at the forefront of Food Law along with our years of experience and judgment serve as a connection, workflow facilitation, added value, and point of contact between all the key players involved in your business. Our subscription plans and cutting-edge billing practices allows for the integration of all departments working under the same guidance to propel your brand and keep you free from risk.

For more information about our legal services, or to schedule an appointment, please call (800) 559-4628 or email