There is no shortage of hard work when you start a new food business.

FDA Food Labeling Requirements

You work meticulously to craft the product formulation, source the best ingredients, and scale-up the production process. You hire a marketing firm to give you a slick new design that targets your consumer.  You’re ready to slap a label on and go to market. However, food labeling needs more than just your brand and an aesthetically pleasing package. Should you mislabel your product with incorrect information about the nutritional value, ingredients, or other details, your business will quickly be susceptible to multiple legal issues and problems you do not want.

Food labeling accuracy should be of high importance when it comes to producing your food product. Maintaining compliance with the Food and Drug Administration will help your reputation in the eyes of your clients/customers who will know precisely what they’re getting. Furthermore, it will protect your business from recalls, compliance audits, and other tedious legal procedures.

Improper food labeling can create a bunch of legal and commercial risks for your business such as:

  • Government sanction, like Warning Letters and Administrative Detention
  • Voluntary and Mandatory Recalls due to undeclared allergens
  • Lawsuit by plaintiff’s firms for improper marketing claims

Labeling regulations are highly detailed, regulating what you can say on your product and exactly where it should go. These regulations can be overwhelming to even large, commercially successful food businesses.

FDA Food Labeling

A thorough label review can help food businesses identify, assess, and mitigate the risks of marketing your products.

A stand-alone label review is typically a straightforward consultation. Generally, labeling guidance addresses two label components: (1) the formatting of the label and its mandatory components, and (2) the claims made on the label. After written guidance is given, clients then make the suggested changes, and a second draft is reviewed for compliance with the initial guidance. The biggest problem with this ordinary service is two fold. First, it does not serve the clients ultimate needs and secondly, it ends up costing them more money in the long run. Ineveitably, a client has to go back to their teams and suffer the expense of time and money for new label drafts, or even redirecting the entire focus of their marketing effort.

We’ve got a better delivery vehicle for labeling guidance than any other firm in this space. Service by subscription enables us to provide input during the inception-phase of marketing. We can participate in the conversation between the entrepreneur, the marketing team, and the graphic designers from the beginning of the design process. We can help shape our clients’ ideas before other partners and team members start their billable work, so that when we review the final label draft, it really is the final label draft. Simply put, our subscription service eliminates any duplicative effort in label design.

Putting us on your team means that we will identify, assess, and mitigate the legal risks in food labeling. Our subscription service creates additional value to your company by creating unique efficiencies in the design process and by eliminating duplicative effort. You cannot get that anywhere else. Contact us today to get started!