Welcome, RangeMe users! Over the course of the last decade, we’ve built a law firm with exactly your needs in mind and are delighted to give you a brief guided tour of our services.

Regulatory compliance is the backbone of our practice. We offer an insider’s view on FDA laws and regulations that impact your products.  Label review is one of our fundamental services, where we provide you and your design team with detailed guidance on compliant food label formatting and marketing claims.

Whether you are producing a single copacked product  or a multi-product private label brand, we’ve got you covered. With over a thousand manufacturing agreements under our belt, we can help you reliably push production through a third party with the reassurance that all major commercial and legal risks have been detailed and addressed in your manufacturing agreement.

We know you need to share your product formula in order to do business, and will help you share it in a way that does not erode your trade secrets. We can help you manage your trade secrets with contractors and employees using various confidentiality agreements.

We are general practice savvy and handle corporate matters regularly, from routine housekeeping issues to raising capital. We can help you hire and fire employees. We are big advocates for trademark protection and can work with you over time to expand your portfolio to add new phrases and include new products into your brand.

Smart business leaders understand that in the food industry, different legal disciplines need to be orchestrated and mutually supporting in order to have optimum effect. The FDA regulated claims on a product label need to be warrantied by a copacker in a commercial manufacturing agreement. Not every new member of a limited liability company needs to have access to company trade secrets. A business cannot buy insurance without understanding the liabilities it has assumed in commercial supplier agreements with its retailers. Our goal is to provide guidance on the big and small decisions that impact a food business.

Our service plans make the cost a predictable line-item in your budget and give you the general counsel relationship your business needs and deserves.  Check out our How We Work page for details on our plans – we were recently featured in the American Bar Association journal for our unique approach to delivery of legal services.

There is a lot more information on the rest of our site that you might find useful, so look around and if you have any questions we am happy to talk about your business any time.