Jason Foscolo PLLC

I launched this firm in 2011 with the single goal of delivering general practice, commercial law services to food businesses.

It is easy for me to point out to my clients the special regulations that apply to their food businesses. I go one step further than that. Over the years I’ve been in practice, I’ve developed an acute awareness for how the constellation of food laws and regulations can affect the ordinary commercial transactions that fill the business day. I add value for my clients by mitigating risks, both regulatory and commercial, and this is what makes me distinctive.

I admire my clients. From farmers to manufacturers, they are sharp and courageous. From shippers to importers, they are innovative and disruptive. It is a privilege to help them make their businesses better.

I am a former Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps (separated in 2010 at the rank of Captain) and I’m currently serving as a Major in the New York Air National Guard. I’ve got three kiddos and an indefatigable wife, and you can usually find us eating things across our home range, the Hudson Valley of New York.

“No good business can truly thrive without good counsel, and Jason is always the first person that we consult. He’s has been more than a lawyer – he’s been a trusted business advisor.”

Taylor Cocalis, Founder Good Food Jobs