The Food Law Firm is pleased to announce the establishment of a work relationship with Helbraun & Levey LLP in a mutual “of-counsel” capacity. David Helbraun will offer our clients further representation in the fields of retail liquor licensing, corporate law, litigation, real estate law, and employment law. Jason Foscolo will provide legal guidance to Helbraun Levey and their clients in the areas of co-packing agreements, FDA and USDA labeling review and compliance, private label agreements, supplier agreements, food safety, and food product risk mitigation. 

Helbraun Levey is the premier law firm in New York for bars, restaurants, hotels, and chefs. The firm represents first-time entrepreneurs, multi-unit operators, hotel food & beverage management, general managers, executive chefs and all other industry folks.  There are many law firms that dabble in the hospitality industry, but none of them have the experience or commitment to NYC’s hospitality professionals like Helbraun Levey.

 In addition to Mr. Helbraun, there are two partners, two of counsel attorneys, six associate attorneys and several staff members dedicated to serving their clients.

 Helbraun Levey’s website is The main contact number is (212) 219-1193.  David Helbraun will be the main point of contact for our Hudson Valley clients.

The Food Law Firm provides legal counsel to food, beverage, and farming businesses. Mr. Foscolo has pioneered the delivery of legal services specifically tailored to businesses in these industries. The firm has an acute capability to comprehensively manage the constellation of food laws and regulations affecting routine commercial transactions.

 Jason Foscolo is the founding attorney of The Food Law Firm. His team works closely with various food industry professionals from product development to food safety.  Their website is The main contact number is 800-559-4628.

 We look forward to working with Helbraun Levey to bring our clients the best representation possible when faced with legal and licensing needs of New York City’s bars, restaurants and hotels. We are eager to provide regulatory and transactional guidance to those clients of Helbraun Levey participating in food manufacturing.

 Should you have any questions about the additional services available to your business, please do not hesitate to contact our office.